It has been tough for local businesses during the pandemic no matter how you cut it. From retail to automotive, to carpet cleaners. Everyone has felt the impact of slow business and increased restrictions.

Other downtown businesses have closed amidst the pandemic and a long-running business is feeling the same struggle but is looking ahead to welcoming back movie lovers. 

Joyland Theatre did try something new this summer and brought retro movie nights to town for moviegoers, however, because of low attendance they have stopped retro weekends. 

Even without retro movies, the doors will stay open, “Starting back this weekend we are open again for popcorn sales on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 pm to 8 pm. We will be starting new movies again at the end of August, and then we will be up and running 6 nights a week with new movies. We hope everyone will come up and support the theatre,” said Larson.

The Joyland Theatre has been anxiously waiting for studios to start to release new movies, and Larson is excited that it will be happening at the end of summer.

“We aren’t making any money, so if studios wait too long to release product, all the theatres are going to go bankrupt and won’t be there for them to release their movies into. So, something had to happen. Warner Brothers have announced that they are going to release TENET, which was supposed to come out months ago. It is supposed to be a big release,” continued Larson.

The Joyland Theatre has been operating in Strathmore since the 1920s and Larson is the third generation to have owned it. The theatre has operated through many of the world's worst recessions and Larson hopes it will continue to live through this pandemic with the support of the community.

Retro movies may not be continuing but on August 2nd Hob's Hobbies will be bringing the movie Serenity to Joyland Theatre for a Sunday Matinee find all the detail here