As the weather improves there are typically more motorcycles on the roads. This month the Town of Strathmore’s Municipal Enforcement wants to bring attention to motorcycle safety.

Riders should always wear helmets.

According to the town, most crashes occur around 50km/h, so helmets are extremely effective at preventing head injuries at those speeds.

There are also some behaviours drivers and motorcycle riders can practice to stay safe.

Dennis Bigras of Mobile Motorcycle Training School, which offers training in Strathmore and area, says, “It’s a matter of controlling your environment as a rider. Know that there are people out there that are not going to be paying attention. You need to create the space around you to allow yourself options in case things go wrong.”

Bigras tells his students that being on the road is not a road race. “It’s about paying attention to your environment and placing the bike in good positions. If you have to get off the road, then you get off the road,” he said.

In terms of drivers on the road, Bigras explained that problems can happen at intersections.

“A driver who is turning left, they are crossing the path of traffic, may not see a small vehicle like a motorcycle coming up,” he said.

He explained that drivers regardless of if they are turning left, or right, should be aware of their environment and keep an eye open for smaller vehicles like motorcycles.

“Give them space. Motorcycles can stop extremely quickly and a lot of drivers don’t know that and they end up running into them,” he said.

According to Alberta RCMP, in 2018 12 people were killed and 232 motorcycles involved in injury collisions in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions.