Vulcan's own Keyara Wardley and her Canadian teammates take to the pitch Wednesday night in their first match at the Olympics against Brazil in Women's Rugby.

Her mom Lisa Wylie is feeling a "really good crazy right now".

She's talked to Keyara a couple of times since she arrived in Tokyo.

"She's in great spirits, the whole team is just grounded and ready to get in there and get their jobs done," she says. "She said I think it's going to hit home as soon as they are in the tunnel and they run out onto the pitch and they announce Canada and she's going to play her heart out."

Wylie says a whole group of people bought tickets for rugby last year and after the games were cancelled they honoured the tickets this year, but just a couple of months ago it was decided there would be no spectators allowed at any of the venues because of rising COVID cases in Japan..

She called it heartbreaking but everyone is going to cheer them on in other ways.

And there's no shortage of support in her hometown of Vulcan.

"I'm just at a loss for words, all the store fronts have been decorated and wished Keyara well and just how proud everybody is and the Town of Vulcan has put up banners and posters and billboards on the highway, it's pretty electric," she says. "The Lions club have supported Keyara big time, everybody's just come together, it's just kind of a breathe of fresh air to, with COVID this last year, and now everybody's got something to look forward to and they're super excited because it's their hometown girl who's going to be playing and they get to watch her."

The Vulcan Lodge is hosting a watch party at 6 p.m. using the big screen the Town usually uses to show movies on the weekend.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

The Canucks take on Fiji Thursday at 1:30 p.m.