The Strathmore Wheatland Kings are halfway through their season and have been working hard to move up in their division.  

20-year-old Kings forward Jaycob Masciangelo filled us in on how the season has been going so far in this week’s edition of Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week. 

“I think we need to start working as a team and be able to get out of the defensive zone on our breakout. We've been working on it lots in practice, so hopefully, it will help here soon.” 

Masciangelo is local to Strathmore and is a veteran on the team. “I've been playing hockey for about 16 years, I'd say, and I've been playing with the Kings, this will be my third year now.” 

His second year was a tough one because of the pandemic as it was spent off the ice. He is happy to be strapping his skates back on again.  

“It's awesome, I wasn't a big fan of sitting at home and doing nothing, I like being out and communicating with lots of people. When you get to step out on the ice in front of that hometown crowd and you have some of your family coming. It is awesome.” 

Masciangelo said he enjoys the hometown crowd, especially when younger kids are coming out to watch them play. He said that he used to be one of those kids pressed up to the glass.