The guy who does it all, center or winger, and sometimes even defense on the powerplay, number 10 from the Strathmore Wheatland Kings Wacy Sandum is our King of the Week. This is Sandum's first season with the Kings, but not his first in the HJHL. He used to play for the Lomond Lakers last season but since moving to the Kings he said he's been having a ton of fun playing with people he grew up playing hockey with and has put up 10 points this season, six goals and four assists.

Sandum has been playing hockey ever since he was 3 and with 17 years of hockey under his belt, he still loves the game. Coming from a community where hockey is so big makes it easy to have your love for the sport grow said Sandum. He grew up playing a lot of hockey with his best friends, and even when he wasn't at a game he could be found playing hockey with his friends.

The Wheatland Kings are slated for back to back home games this weekend as they take on the Lomond Lakers on Saturday and the Airdrie Techmation Thunder on Sunday. Sandum said he looks forward to playing against some of his former teammates from Lomond as it's always a good time to see them again. Sandum feels confident the Kings can get two wins this weekend as he said the team is really growing and starting to build some good chemistry.

The key to preparing for game day is simple for Sandum, come to the rink early, play some sewer ball with some of his teammates and tape up his stick. If you don't know what sewer ball is, it's where you have to juggle a soccer ball between your teammates and if you let the ball touch the ground your out till the next round. A good team bonding exercise. Sandum said that lately one of his teammates, Will Kathol, has been taping his stick for him and that's got him on the scoreboard so he might have to keep that up. 

When Sandum isn't on the ice he's busy helping out on the farm with the cows but in the summer he also enjoys playing some baseball and softball, things to keep him busy and active through the offseason. When asked what his favourite hockey memory is Sandum said he just loves the times he's spent with friends playing shinny. He's made a lot of friends playing the sport and it's a great way to catch up with them.

You can catch Wacy Sandum and the Wheatland Kings taking on the Lomond Lakers on Saturday at 8 p.m. and on Sunday at 4:45 p.m. as they faceoff against the Airdrie Techmation Thunder.