Kiwanis International is looking for awareness and recognition in the community and hoping to start a club in Strathmore. Ron Gosslin presented what Kiwanis is all about at last Wednesday's Town Council Meeting. 

Kiwanis is a global community of clubs, members and partners focused improving the lives of children. They do this by addressing various issues, like fighting hunger, improving literacy, and providing guidance.

Ron Gosslin, who spoke on behalf of the organization at the council meeting, explained they are looking for increased membership and some sponsorships for some of their events within the community. 

“When we start a club we put seed money into it. After the seed money the club will do some fundraising projects, they will also look at grants and sponsorships that are available to the community.” 

Gosslin mentioned that his club in Cochrane has a $25,000 yearly budget and $5,000 they get from the town. They also get sponsors from Walmart, The Totem Foundation and all over Cochrane. They also run some of their own fundraising to help with the budget. Given that this would be new to Strathmore, he mentioned the starting budget would probably start at $2,000 and it will grow from there.  

“Once we (Strathmore) get a little bit of recognition on the community then we will start to do some fundraising in the community and start doing activities and stuff like that.” 

Gosslin explained they are the only organization that has a full list of programs within the public schools. They have K-kids at an elementary school level and then they go all the way up to a program called CKI (Circle K International) with university students. They also have a program called aKtion which is a club for adults who have disabilities.  

Kiwanis has talked to about 20 locals and asked them what they could do that would help the community. What they heard was things like addressing food insecurity, free after school activities, anti-bullying program and help with mental illness.  

The next steps to get a Kiwanis Club in Strathmore is for Gosslin to set up an information meeting with Mayor Pat Fule.  

For more information about Kiwanis international or how you could be involved check out their website  

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