Kristina Micelli's grade one class from Sacred Heart Academy is January's classroom of the month!

Micelli and the students all returned from the break last Monday, and so far Micelli says the new year has gotten off to a great start. While some years can start a bit slow with the kids not fully out of "break mode," this year Micelli said the students have quickly jumped back into routine.

As for what the new year will bring, Micelli is particularly excited to celebrate the holidays with her class.

"We have Valentine's Day coming up and Saint Patrick's Day. It's always fun to celebrate those special holidays with the kids and they get pretty excited."

One highlight of the school year so far has been the volunteers, and Micelli is looking forward to continuing to bring in volunteers for the rest of the year.

"It's been really nice to be able to have parents and grandmas and grandpas come in and volunteer."

Micelli finds herself in a unique situation, as she also taught kindergarten last year before moving up to teach grade one this year. This means she's quite familiar with some of her students and their family, and she said it's been wonderful to see her students grow.

"It's amazing, it's crazy how much they grow in just one year. There's growth in so many areas, like socially, academically and physically. It's really special to be able to see them grow up and change and be a big part of their lives for a couple of years."

Classroom of the Month is sponsored by Audra Reinhardt with CIR Realty with lunch provided by Boston Pizza.  Congratulations to Miss Micelli and her class for being January's classroom of the month! 

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