The Southern Alberta Land Trust Society has awarded grants to protect 1,247 acres of ecologically valuable land in close proximity to the town of Cochrane and City of Calgary. 

The program was established in 2011, and, to date, more than $55.7 million worth of grants have helped support the conservation of almost 111,000 acres of land in Alberta - the equivalent of approximately 55,500 football fields

Justin Thompson, executive director, Southern Alberta Land Trust Society “This project is a perfect example of how private land conservation benefits all Albertans. The Wineglass Ranch surrounds Jumpingpound Creek, a source of Calgary’s drinking water, so keeping the property as healthy grasslands instead of roads and houses will help maintain water quality for hundreds of thousands of people.”

The area supports elk, deer, and large carnivores as well as multiple raptor species with the creek valley acting as both key habitat and a movement corridor.