After years of preparation, commitment, and a group of people joining together, what began as an empty field is now the newest addition to Langdon, and it's officially available to the public.
Langdon Park is built in a once very underutilized space and those involved hope to see this become a hub of activity not only for Langdon residents but for everyone surrounding the community.

Chrissy Craig Executive Director of the Langdon Community Association was one of the main people to spearhead this idea. "We have put immense effort into creating a green oasis that fosters unity, recreation, and environmental sustainability. This event will not only mark the official opening of the park but also the Library and youth centre, as well highlight the positive impact it will have on the lives of local residents."

Craig noted that, while this has been an idea for many years, it has only been in the last two years that the work has begun and the project has begun to come together, and it truly does take a village.

"The Langdon Community Association has been leading it, but we are a part of the Langdon Community Collaborative, there's been many groups involved in it, including Synergy which is the youth group, The Langdon Library Society, the OK club, the pickleball group, the scouts, everybody's kind of been chipping in to make it all come together."

With a $20,000 government grant the community knew they needed more and came together raising over $1,000,000 towards the new space. 

This park will offer so many different things to the community, Craig even said they are already getting wedding bookings for part of the park, "It really highlights how important collaboration is when communities work together, what can be accomplished because what we went from was just a big old empty field to now a beautiful centre of town."

The park includes basketball courts, tennis courts and pickleball courts, a youth centre, a library, and gathering gardens with fire pits.  With so much for the community to access Craig sees the importance of a space that was needed and wanted by the whole community. 

Craig noted the spaces are free for anyone to use but they do set aside times for private bookings and those can be done by visiting the

The grand opening was set to take place outside on Wednesday night but with the turn in the weather, they moved the celebration inside of the new library that will officially open on June 30th. 

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