The Lazy P Rodeo Company that operates out of Langdon is new to the rodeo circuit and is steadily growing and showcasing their bulls at different events across Alberta. They are heading into their fourth year and have recently been recognized by Bull Riders Canada receiving the Event of the Year award for their event 'Last Cowboy Standing' held in Strathmore! 

One of the owners of Lazy P Rodeo Cale Pribyl said that his team is grateful for this recognition.

"We're very proud and happy to receive this award, it does show that our hard work pays off and to see that people are recognizing it, and that we're not just being ignored and that our work and efforts are being recognized is great."

This was only their second year running this event and Pribyl said it was great to see it grow.

"It was quite a bit bigger this year and a lot better atmosphere, with not really having to worry about COVID everyone could just sit back relax and actually enjoy the event. There were a lot more spectators, it was a sold-out show, so that was really good."

Pribyl did note that with the increased capacity they did see areas that they will be improving on next year for the fan experience including additional seating.  Along with that the Lazy P crew hopes in the future that they can grow this to possibly a multi-day event with bigger prize money for the athletes. 

One success Pribyl highlighted was huge for the riders and the fans.

"The bullpen was a lot more rider friendly, I think there were 12 or 13 qualified rides, where the year before there was only five or so. So this year we had a lot more rides and a lot more variety of bulls and they (the bullriders) really did enjoy getting some qualified rides and actually competing with each other in the next level versus just waiting to see who actually makes a qualified ride."

This event showcased stock from Lazy P Rodeo, Wilson Rodeo TFB Ranch, Colin Forrester, Flying High Rodeo, and Legend Rodeo. Along with these contractors Pribyl said there was no way these events could happen without the additional support from the community groups and volunteers. 

"Without any of those people, these events would not go forward. The amount of support we got from volunteers and the Strathmore Ag Society was just unbelievable. They've been backing us since day one and supporting us, and they did everything in their power they could to help us out and we're very appreciative of that." 

In addition to the support of the AG Society Pribyl said the Lazy P crew was surprised and very thankful for how many volunteers came out.

"We had a bunch of volunteers step up just be part of this event. They just wanted to be a part of it and said they think it's something cool that we are doing and they just wanted to be part of it in some way."

The Lazy P Rodeo crew is not sitting back waiting to be invited to the show; they are making their own name their way as they work towards the long-term goal of getting to be a part of some of the bigger rodeos in the sport. 

"We're going out of our way to try and find places to put on some events, we've started several brand new ones all over Alberta and one in Saskatchewan and just trying to find new avenues that we can buck at and then just build our name by ourselves. Once people kind of see that we're here to play, then hopefully we just keep growing and can start working with some other contractors and committees."

There is more in store for fans of rodeo and if Pribyl and the team of Lazy P Rodeo have anything to say about they will be in the arena entertaining fans with their stock for years to come!

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