Strathmore's own Lil Hoots Children's Boutique has won the "Best in Alberta" award from the Little List Preloved Directory. Nominations and votes exploded from the community over Lil Hoots. 

The Little List Preloved Directory said that Lil Hoots Children Boutique is clearly well loved in the small town of Strathmore and takes home the award due to the countless messages and reasons that the community said they should win. 

Owner of Lil Hoots, Denise Geremia expressed that she is pretty honored that they were even nominated, let alone won the best in Alberta.

"I shared that this was happening on social media and said I would love it if anybody would be willing to nominate me, just cause it's free advertising. I don't have to do anything, and people can comment and say all the things that they love about us. I didn't Think I would even win for a second because there's so many fantastic consignment stores and preloved stores in the area." 

Geremia said that she was told that there was a land slide of votes for Lil Hoots and in the section of the vote that said why are you nominating, people put down things like the Bike Program and when Geremia gave some clothes to Siksika Nation.  

"I am pretty happy, and this is a pretty amazing thing for us to have won."

The Little List Preloved Directory was started so that all of the consignment and preloved stores in Canada. From Vancouver all the way to St. John's, they all have a place to be listed. 

"Just it's great for other consignment stores. We can go on there and check and see what they have available, you can check their social media and see how they're doing things. It's become this great community." 

Lil Hoots is a big favorite for the residents of Strathmore especially if they have little ones running around. 

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