The last couple of months has seen the majority of events and activities return from covid mandates, and you can now add live theatre to the list! The Strathmore Theatre Players' Guild is hard at work preparing to put on a great comedy, being Neil Simon's "The Odd Couple".

This isn't the first play they've done post-covid, but Director Angela Reeves explained their last show, "Mama Mia", faced many challenges with the health of the cast and restrictions at the time. That didn't stop the show from being a great success, but Reeves said the preparation for "The Odd Couple" has been much smoother, and is looking forward to being able to host a full audience without stress.

"With The Odd Couple, we have stayed fairly healthy, and it has been wonderful to be able to get together and not have to wear masks and to be able to have an audience come in," Reeves said.

The return of live theatre is obviously great for the community, but it also has a big impact on the actors as well, who love what they do.

"Four of the actors haven't done anything since before covid, so they were very excited to get back and be able to do some work on stage."

As for the play itself, it was was written in 1965 and is set in the same year, and won an award that year for best comedy! It follows the mismatched pair of Felix and Oscar living together. While Felix is very organized and clean, Oscar is sloppy and relaxed, and the ensuing comedy comes from this odd couple having to make it work. 

"It's a good laugh, we have great group of actors  that are in it, and we've had a lot of fun putting it together."

The play will be set in 1965 as originally written, and Reeves explained the script will remain unchanged. She says the script is great as it is, but recognizes that some things may be dated in regards to political correctness.

"People have to realize that especially in regards to talking about women, they weren't always politically correct, but people understand, context of the times."

Reeves added the play is geared towards people 16 or older, although it's family friendly so all ages are welcome. There isn't anything that would be inappropriate for kids, but some of the jokes may not land for them.

"There's quite a bit of physical comedy in it, as well as the dialogue, so I think it will appeal to a broad range. But for young children I don't think it would be for them."

The play is running from October 12-15, and then coming back after a week break for the 19-22. This is definitely a comedy you won't want to miss, so make sure you grab some tickets to enjoy a great night of laughs! You can buy tickets here.

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