What is an artist, and am I one now?  That is a question the local artist Carmen Erison is asking herself as she gears up for a big show in Calgary presented by RAW Natural Born Artist group.  Relatively new to her medium she has had some great success with advancing her technique, and even selling some works.  The next step in her journey as an artist would be a feature in a gallery show.  That is where RAW came into the scene, and Erison talks about how it came about, "I've been working very hard for the past six months, just getting my name out there with carmencreatesyyc.  I received an email from RAW Natural Born Artists in August, asking me if I wanted to be part of their showcase.   I had to go through a phone interview, and within two weeks I was on their website and they were promoting me."

The art show will be at The Marquee in Calgary Thursday, October 24 and will be comprised of a collective of different artist mediums, from dance to photography, but it must have a focus on visual art.  Pieces are for sale at the show, and will be a celebration of all things art.  Unlike a normal gallery where you walk from display to display admiring the work, this is a mingle friendly chance for you to meet the artist, and as an artist meet other like-minded individuals.  Now that she finished her entry into the world of RAW shows, she can participate in shows around the world, but also close to home.  Growing up in Northern Alberta she already has a large group of admirers, so her Edmonton show will likely be the next one that she does. 

Erison now looks at her art career with a new interest, and drive.  She talks about her new perspective, "When I first started to do fluid art, I was playing.  This has really inspired me to kind of take a more deeper look into my art.  Now as an artist wherever I going, if I'm on a walk, if I'm in nature, or driving down the street. Everything I see is art, and everything is there to inspire me."