Women often think can they have it all, and if they do can they balance it all? This often leads to women looking to each other and thinking 'how does she have it all together?'

Local author, photographer, goat farmer, Pre-K teacher, and mother Christina Hatton-Fearnley shares her feelings that women don't have to have it all together to live their best life, as balance is in the eye of the beholder. 

"I'm actually hosting a vision board event at Origin in March, just a ladies' night. We're going to get together and talk about our dreams and our goals, and just be encouraging and sharing that I don't have it all together and I live off my calendar," she chuckled.  

When it came to Hatton-Fearnley finding women to inspire her, she said it took her time to feel comfortable to do that.

"My mom inspires me maybe in a different kind of way. She was very cautious so I grew up very cautious, so the women that inspired me were many of my friends and women in the community, and I thought, 'well, they're not scared, so I don't have to be afraid.'"

She expressed there are many women from around the world she draws inspiration from just by reading their stories, saying that a positive side to social media is that we can connect and share our journeys. 

Having a daughter herself she feels that as she grows, she wants to show her that she can do anything, "We were on a ski holiday in Fernie, she was very reluctant to ski, and I'm very reluctant to ski because I can't, so I'm trying to encourage her to be brave saying 'it's ok if you fall I'll be right there to catch you.'"

Getting over fears is something Hatton-Fearnley has done throughout her life and her latest venture into the world of writing has allowed her to do just that. 

She has written three children's books: The Lost Photograph, Kevin The Pack Goat, and Girls Can Be Farmers Too, and has her fourth book coming out in the fall which is a second installment featuring Kevin, all of which have been illustrated by local artist Emmeline Keeling who works with the Wheatland Society of the Arts.  Putting herself out there was challenging to say the least but she feels it was absolutely worth it.

"There's a lot of fear, like fear of rejection, I think a lot of us can feel that way. My books are snippets about my life. I think sometimes it's harder to tell people of things you're doing, so I 'say read my book and you'll know all about the journey that I'm on.'"

When it comes to the importance of International Women's Day she feels that it is not solely about women supporting women.

"Just in history, we're always comparing ourselves to men but why?  We know we're different and they're different. It's not just women celebrating women, it's men celebrating women. So men on social media today, I encourage you to post who that woman in your life is that inspires you, and reach out and tell them personally." 

Hatton-Fearnley works with her husband at Climbing High Farms teaches Pre-K in Rockyford, is an author and photographer, and also a mother to 2 wonderful children. She says it's a busy life but she wouldn't change it and keeps it together thanks to two main things.

"Coffee and my calendar, that thing beeps at me all the time, and even then I still miss stuff it's ok." 

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