Do you know what's better than watching two people throw each other around a ring? Watching two people throw each other around a ring… for charity!

Coming to the Civic Centre on May 21st CanAm Wrestling and Smackdown TV will be hosting an unforgettable wrestling event to entertain locals and raise money for a great cause

Otto Gentile, the CEO of CanAm Wrestling and the Alberta Wrestling Academy. Couldn't be happier to help out the special benefactors of this fundraising event.

“This time it's a little bit more special it is a fundraiser for the Happy Cat Sanctuary. They're in desperate need of cat litter, cat food, both moist and dry and cat toys. They have 130 cats that are up for adoption. There's a real special one there that I took a liking to, Little Squeak. Squeak is still a kitten but she has three legs and it's just amazing to see an animal adapt to life and move forward, and she's pretty quick too.”

CanAm wrestling is no stranger to shows and fundraising in Strathmore as Gentile illustrates.

“We've been giving back to the Strathmore community, the last time we did a fundraiser. It was for the people that lost their home and I'm glad to say that we raised about 800 plus dollars. But we also raised a truckload of food, clothing, blankets, anything that they needed to start their lives over again. So I'm pretty proud of that and our guys.” 

CanAm Wrestling assists charities both local and widespread with their events. Gentile is more then excited to bring attention to these causes that are in need of support.

“We are partnered with some amazing groups, We're trying to get our message about coping with bullying across with Bikers or Buddies Canada. We're partnered with the Oxford House Foundation. It's a foundation that houses people that are going through their sobriety. That one is important to me because it's been 18 years that I've been clean and sober. We're also partnered with Lambert Manner, so we take donations all the time at all our events for hygiene products.  Non-perishable food items, clothing, whatever you can give us.”

So what should new attendees expect? For starters, this event will be the last chance to see CanAms Mexican Luchadores. Gentile also hopes a unique lure, specifically for Strathmore locals, will bring the crowd together.

“Well, Strathmore has a crowd, um, not favorite. I guess you would call him a bad guy, and the crazy part is he lives in Strathmore! That's the legendary Steve Wild. So come out and boo him and cheer for all the other good guys," chuckled Gentile.

Speaking of the good guys, some of the wrestlers that attendees should expect to see are, The Hillbilly Houndog, The Cheetah Bear, and the unforgettable Mentallo!

Gentile is hoping for a big crowd not only to hype up his wrestlers and raise funds for these organizations, but also to help him celebrate. 

“The 21st happens to be my birthday, so I just want people to come out and enjoy and have a party with me. Let's make it a good time for everybody. When there's a crowd in the stands it just makes it so much better. The guys perform better and it's just more fun.”

So regardless of if you are attending to, boo, cheer or support some great causes make sure to come down to the Civic Centre on May 21st and catch a remarkable and adrenaline spiking event! 

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