Justin Glenn Owner operator for Given 'Er Solutions saw a need and had a solution.  Growing up in a hockey family he recognized that it can be tough to play on an outdoor rink and that after the loss of the original benches at the Langdon outdoor arena he knew that he could help, "It started by someone posting on Facebook wondering if they had any old benches and what not because I think somebody stole one of the benches form the little shack there.  I was just on my way into Calgary and I saw the post, and I said well let me know Give Er solutions will donate a couple and I grabbed some wood. We basically just chatted and I went over and took a look and took some measurements and whatnot.  Then over the last, three or four nights built it all up, painted it and then put them in." 

This 22-year-old father of four is a jack of all trades starting out roofing at a young age which gave him a strong work ethic when he is not busy moving people or doing demolition he is working on clearing snow.  Obviously a busy man Glenn sees a future with his family in the community and felt compelled to support Langdon in any way he can. 

Battling a cold and fatigue Justin Glenn would not give up and just was Given' Er, "I basically put it all in my head I went and got a bunch of two by fours and then I went and got a bunch of big wide benched for them then I saw these little two by twos and I Thought if I cut those up it would be a perfect hockey stick will go right through that. When I got home I measured the first one, you know the first one, of course, took a good night just building. The second one went together, no problem and then got them done got them in and they look good!"