Drew Gregory Standard Alberta's very own homegrown country singer kicked off Country Thunder this past weekend in Calgary.

Gregory grew up in the small rural town of Standard, AB he moved out to the farm when he was in grade 10. Drew left Standard after high school and went to college after graduation he went to Australia for a year.

When he came home he got more into farming and in 2009 took his first trip down to Nashville.  There he started getting in with songwriters and producers and recorded his 1st album Country Hurricane, now with five albums under his belt there is no stopping him.

Gregory is an accomplished singer/songwriter and award-winning artist, with two ACMA awards, one in 2015 for Male Artist of the year and one in 2016 for Album of the year.  With all of his success so far and the busy life of a touring musician, he strives to find a good life balance between performing and home. With his family always at the forefront of his mind he is living his dream on the road and out on the farm.

When Gregory was getting started he found the most support came from his family and his friends, he started playing cover songs around the campfire and moved on to smaller rodeos and bars.  As time has gone on he has found himself playing bigger shows and bigger festivals.

Before stepping out on the Country Thunder Stage Gregor said, "We had a sound check and all went good, I have been playing with these guys a long time, after a busy summer we are as tight as ever after performing all summer together. I took two mins to close my eyes and calm myself and reset and was good to go, I was super happy with how the show went, it was quite a rush."

With harvest on the horizon, he will take a quick break from performing in September to work on the farm.  He will, however, be heading out to Hamilton, Ontario for the CCMA's in the middle of September.

Drew's New album 'Good Place To Start' came out on June 15th, and you can find that anywhere you can stream music and if you want,  in Drew's words,  "a good old CD" you can find those on his website www.drewgregorymusic.com.