A local Athlete is looking forward to representing her favourite sport on a provincial stage.

Erin Walton of Strathmore a football player in the Western Women's Canadian Football League (WWCFL) has been selected Football Alberta this year to represent Alberta, "I made the provincial team as one of three quarterbacks, that's going to be in a National Championship that is being held in Edmonton this summer, and that's to start scouting the players for the next National team."

Walton had the opportunity to play on the first National team in 2010 as a running back, in 2013 Walton again was a part of the National team and made the reserve team in 2017. She is gearing up this season for another run at making the National team in 2021.

There is growth in the sport and Walton hopes that as the WWCFL gains more exposure in Calgary and Area will see start to see the same level of increased interest as Edmonton is currently experiencing.

The honour to be chosen to represent the province of Alberta is something that Walton takes very seriously. "It feels great and it's just so rewarding that I can still compete out there, that was my goal going into it is that I need to be able to compete and show them that I can still be of value to this team as a player."

For female athletes looking to get involved, there is a very welcoming spirit and energy in the WWCFL, "We take players 16 and up currently and actually our oldest player is 55, there's no age limit." 

Walton has been committed to athletics throughout her life and hopes to see the commitment from organizations in making sports accessible both financially and physically to anyone who would like to play continues to grow, "One of the things we pride ourselves at the Rage is that we have never actually raised on fees, it's an economically accessible sport, and because you need so many different types and sizes of people it's accessible that way as well."

Heading into the new season the goal Walton has her sights set on the championship in the WWCFL, being a part of the Rage since 2011 they have made it to the championships in 2017 and she is looking forward to the team coming together to make it back there again in 2020.

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