John Hilton-O'Brien and his wife Nathalie are the owners of Hob's Hobbies in Strathmore.

Hob's Hobbies hosts multiple events a week for games like Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Warhammer.

On any given day, you can find the store packed with activity and players from all around Strathmore honing their skills and hobbies.

One of these events is the Warhammer painting workshop led by local enthusiast Ian Brown.

If any of you are confused as to what a Warhammer painting workshop is, Brown can help clear things up.

“The painting workshop was basically to teach people who either didn't know the basics or wanted to enhance their knowledge of the basics of how to paint miniatures for any kind of tabletop system, whether it was Warhammer or Battletech, or any other system. The basics of how to start and what kind of guidelines you'd want to follow to have a decent start to your work,” he said.

Brown has been teaching this class for a long time and is happy with the growing Warhammer community in Strathmore.

“There's quite a few of us in the Strathmore area that is very good at painting. The store runs a number of painting contests that a bunch of us had done some very good stuff for. But there's a lot of people in Strathmore that are pretty darn good at painting miniatures, and there are even a couple people that try to do it professionally.”

Talented artists can loan out their talents to collectors looking to get a paint job for newly bought miniatures. The highest-priced single mini that Brown has seen sold went for $600.

Regardless of how many professionals are in Strathmore, Hob’s Hobbies and local enthusiasts like Brown provide a sense of community and connect local individuals looking to share and enjoy their hobbies with others. 

With the distance between hobby shops, the small-town community and the atmosphere provided by Hob's Hobbies, it isn't hard to see why this small community of hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals has grown and found footing within the larger community of Strathmore. 

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