The Strathmore Overnight Shelter's 'Before it gets Cold March' was a big success. 

Executive Director of the Strathmore Overnight Shelter and Pastor, Elizabeth Karp, says she was excited about the involvement from the community. 

"It was excellent to see our clients get involved, help us, and raise money for the shelter." 

The walk raised $6,000. 

Mayor Pat Fule was also in attendance. 

"That's a huge support and encouragement for us that he supports the shelter. I think that that makes a huge difference when he gets behind us and just comes and supports us. We really appreciate it."

The overnight shelter is at full capacity.

"I had to turn people away in the middle of the night last night that we're calling from different places because we just didn't have any more beds available," added Karp. 

Karp concluded they are still in need of coats and gloves. 

If you would like to donate to the Strathmore Overnight Shelter, you can do so at

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