Saskatchewan is football crazy so what better place to study, grow and learn as a young football player in Canada, than the University of Saskatchewan. Local football player Jack Warrack has been scouted to join the U of S Huskies football team.

“I'm really looking forward to it, and it's a pretty exciting time in my life,” he said.

The former Strathmore High School student will play as an offensive lineman on the team.

Warrack explained that over the better part of a year he’s been trying to decide where he wanted to go to school and play football.

“Right over the Christmas break, I decided that I was going to be at the University of Saskatchewan with the Huskies. I'm pretty excited,” he said. At U of S, Warrack will also be studying finance.

Warrack’s been playing football since he was seven years old. He’ll be turning 18 this February.

Mr. Gorski, one of his teachers at the high school, played at U of S as well.

"He passed my name along and then they kind of recruited me,” he said.

Last summer Warrack had a chance to tour the school campus.

“It is a really nice campus and now they have a really great team. This year, they placed second in Canada throughout all the conferences,” said Warrack. He also noted that U of S has a program that produces great football players for the CFL.

He says playing in the CFL is not something that’s at the forefront of his mind right now, but if it was an option later down the road he’d be definitely open to looking into it.

Warrack has fond memories of playing football in Strathmore with friends.

“Pretty much since I was growing up, it's been the same group of guys the whole way through, so that's how I got to build a really great connection with pretty much everyone that I've played with since it's always been the same group of people and you know, they're all great guys and some of my best friends,” he said.

While on the Huskies roster, he says he wants to get a lot bigger and stronger and become a great leader.

“Someone who's really dependable and reliable, and can always be counted on,” he said.

Some assets he will take with him onto the field are his physical size, his mobility and strength, and his knowledge of the game, he says. “I always know what's going on with the plays and what to do in it's in certain situations.”

Warrack says one of the greatest things he’s learned while playing in Strathmore is having a good work ethic. “Nothing is going to get given to me and I’m going to have to work for every minute of playing time that I get there.”