With the Strathmore Stampede coming up and the Legion centennial celebrations right around the corner, Strathmore is preparing for festivities and visitors.

One of these preparations was choosing an important community figure to head Strathmore's Stampede Parade and the Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Commerce has chosen well this year.

This year, Don Good was chosen to lead the parade into the Ag grounds to kick off the Stampede.

Good has been an active member of the Legion and the Strathmore community for a long time and he speaks on what makes his town special.

“I've seen it grow. Oh, it's wonderful. You meet so many different people, I think most of Strathmore knows who I am and it's quite nice when they'll send you a card and thank you for all you've done for the town and everything done for the older people. It's quite nice.”

Good has an excellent track record at the Legion so far. Under his leadership, the poppy fund sprang from $4 000 to $68 000 shortly after he retired. Good has also helped with the construction and additions to the Legion and noted that his work on these projects is some of the most memorable experiences of his time there. 

“When we were tearing it down. The chimney fell on a guy that was helping us. Had a big beam fall down and that caught me on the arm. We thought the whole world was falling apart there for a while. That's about the biggest story.”

Good has also seen major changes to Strathmore since his move here in the 1980s but he illustrated that the people have always stayed the same.

“It's amazing. When we moved here there was none of that stuff in the northwest, just the odd little house. It's quite a nice time. We've enjoyed living here, we got good friendly neighbours. And even the RCMP live right across the road from us.”

Good has seen a lot of Stampedes come and go in Strathmore over the years but he has never led the town's parade. Hopefully, his participation in the parade will add to the already fond memories and experiences he has had in a town he seems so proud to be a part of.