For the second year in a row, one lucky child is going home with a brand new bike as the winner of Strathmore Value Drug Mart's (SVDM) bike safety contest!

This year, 10-year-old Macey Lentsch was the lucky winner. SVDM and bylaw enforcement teamed up to hold the contest, with bylaw officers handing out positive tickets to children following proper bike safety, like wearing a helmet or walking a bike through a crosswalk. The ticket would get you free ice cream from SVDM, as well as a chance to win the final draw.

Lentsch joined SVDM owner Gordon Morck at Canadian Tire yesterday, where she picked out her favorite bike.

"It's a mountain bike because it has all the gears. and it's not too boy-ish, and it has pink and black, I just really like it," Lentsch said when explaining why she chose her bike.

"Pink looks pretty on bikes."

As for Morck, this is his second year providing a new bike for a winner. While the grand prize isn't cheap, Morck is happy to run the annual contest to make the streets safer for children biking in the summer.

"We're a member of this community, we have been for many many years, and we care about Strathmore and we care about the people of Strathmore, and we want to make it a better community if we can," Morck said.

"It just feels like a good thing to do to encourage bike safety for kids and support the community and support the bylaw enforcement officers."

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