It was a 4 to 3 vote in favour of a signalized intersection for Lakeside Boulevard and Archie Klaiber Trail. At the last meeting of Strathmore town council, the council was presented with a report that detailed the pros and cons of creating a signalized intersection, or a roundabout intersection.

The town of Strathmore’s Ethan Wilson explained that regardless of the type of intersection being installed, the intersection will require underground infrastructure improvements.

The recent approval of the Strath Point development at the corner of Lakeside Blvd and Archie Klaiber Trail has shown that an upgrade is required at the current four-way–stop intersection to accommodate an increase in traffic.

The development of Strath Point will see the demolition of Leroys and the creation of a multi-unit dwelling, for commercial, fast food and a gas bar. It’s expected that Strath Point will be developed in 2023.

Councillor Brett Wiley explained that it was difficult to choose between the two types of intersections. “If you go with a roundabout, that's the kind of thing that's different and I could just see the people of Strathmore going, 'What did town council do now?... Who knows how to use these things?”

He continued, “I think that's a very real con. I can see people being upset even though the research shows that the traffic accidents are actually reduced, and it's safer for pedestrians.”

Deputy Mayor Jason Montgomery raised the issue of the close proximity of two signalized intersections on Lakeside Boulevard. “The other problem is just even going South. Right now sometimes you get to the intersection and then you hope to catch the next lights, and so if you're going through two sets of red lights, right there that could become a point of complaint almost.”

One thing to consider is two signalized intersections in close proximity, and potential traffic jams when larger semi-trucks try to exit into the intersection from the card lock in order to get onto Highway 1. The intersection is also in close proximity to an elementary/junior high school, and playground zone.

The Mayor stated that there could be an uproar of public opinions if a roundabout is installed.

In terms of a potential roundabout, it is also unclear if the town will be providing public education as to right-of-way and understanding when driving on single-lane roundabouts, which are still uncommon in some places in North America.

The intersection is in close proximity to Kinsmen Park, and elementary/junior high school, downtown Strathmore, Ridge Road, a shopping district, and the Trans-Canada Highway.

A signalized intersection could cost $493,500 and a single lane roundabout could cost $511,110.

Funding for the project can be paid through levies, borrowing, or grants.