The Town of Strathmore has had the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) in place since 2011, which is a monthly tax payment plan to help taxpayers make automatic monthly payments instead of having to pay their full tax bill at one time.  

The Town's Senior Manager of Financial Services Leana Ashbacher explains this program will not only help people manage their finances better, it will also assist the Town over the course of the year.  

“We are definitely wanting to help people ensure that their finances are handled more evenly throughout the year. This also helps the Town with budgeting so they have a steady stream of cash.”  

To be eligible for the TIPP program residents will need to have their taxes from previous years paid in full and up to date. At the moment, approximately 30% of residents are enrolled in the TIPP Program. 

Ashbacher goes on to say that administration is working closely with council to implement a Tax Arrears Payment Plan (TAPP) as well. This program would allow people to pay their arrears up to 24 months, which Ashbacher explained is meant to offer support to residents.

"We all know that in this economy and everything that's happened over the past couple of years, people have fallen behind and we want to work with our residents to ensure that everybody can manage things to the best of their ability without getting overwhelmed."

Ashbacher explained that although the program does run from January to December residents can sign up at any point during the year. They would just require that for those who enroll after January, a lump sum payment for any lapsed months must be paid.  She noted that once residents are signed up for the TIPP program they are automatically enrolled each year unless they opt out of the program.

There are 3 different ways residents can enroll in the TIPP program: visit the office in person, call the office at 403-934-3133, or email the property tax department at For additional details on TIPP and other programs offered by the Town of Strathmore visit

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