Mossleigh resident Logan Crooks is the Albertan Men's Singles Darts Champion. His win in an impressive showing at the tournament makes him one of eight Albertans that will represent our province in the upcoming national tournament in June.

Crooks explained the provincial tournament was a three day event, and players were awarded points based on how well they did each day.  First place received 25 points, and it went down from there. After the three days, Crooks found himself on top.

While Crooks is definitely excited to head to nationals, this will not be his first having plenty of experience in big tournaments like this.

"As a youth, I think I went probably seven times (to nationals) and then this is my third time as an adult. I actually won the provincials last year as well."

Playing darts for the past 15 years has gotten Crooks ready for an event as big as this but it all started out as something fun he did with his family.  As he prepares to head to his third nationals, Crooks hopes to build off of his past experiences and take home the gold on the biggest stage our country has to offer.

"Last year I got a silver medal in the mixed and a bronze medal in the men's doubles, so it wasn't wasn't all bad, but I think the more I go the easier it'll hopefully get."

At just 26 years old, Crooks is definitely on the younger side of Team Alberta, as he explained most of his teammates are in their 30s or 40s, with the oldest being around 60 years old. While many Canadians associate competitive darts with being an older person's sport, Crooks explained that isn't the case in England, and even in Canada the sport is seeing younger representation.

Crooks spent a year and a half in England in the league right below the pro league, where he learned more about the sport and earned a lot of experience. He hopes to go back and continue to compete in England, which would be a huge step toward his ultimate goal. 

"My one goal would be to get to the stuff you see on TV, like when you're in the bar and you see it on TV, the World Championships events like that. That's where I'd want to go."

As for the immediate future, Crooks is now preparing to head to Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec, for the Canadian Open on June 23. The following Monday is when the Nationals will start. Crooks plans on playing the Canadian Open with his girlfriend, which he explained is a tournament open to anyone, before he has to get serious for the Nationals.

Congratulations to Crooks on an impressive Provicincials win, and good luck in the upcoming Nationals!

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