This Sunday saw the Murray family bring its love of aircraft and air travel to Strathmore with a unique event.

The family's large collection of aircraft was on full display, which included but was not limited to: a 1945 spitfire, a Stearman and a 1945 Super Cruiser. They also hosted a stampede breakfast and food trucks for the over 200 attendees. 

Linda Murray was overwhelmed to see all the support from both avid Strathmore flyers and curious newcomers.

“It was surprising actually to all of us that were there but since COVID so many of the people were so happy to get out and see their neighbours. They just appreciated being out and talking to people and realizing how much they miss being around other people and how good it is to share their thoughts. Everybody was just so excited to see the planes and it just brought everybody together,” she said.

Murray was happy to share how her father-in-law's influence was essential in fostering the family's love for flying.

“My husband has four brothers and their dad taught them. They all have developed a passion for planes and flying and it's become part of their lives. So my husband recently bought a Spitfire War Bird 1945 and so many people wanted to see it. So we thought we should have an event and show people the legacy that their dad created with his love of flying,” she said.

The Murrays also share their love of flying through local business. In addition to owning and operating M and M pumps and other local businesses, they also own an airfield in Lyalta and active spraying company Earlybird Air.

If that wasn't enough, two of the younger members of the Murray family fly for Westjet.

With the heavy involvement of the Murrays in both Strathmore business and the local Strathmore community, it's good to see the family foster the same love of flying with the Strathmore community that the Murrays have been sharing throughout the generations.


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