The name of the man who was sentenced for the manslaughter of Calgary Police Officer Sgt. Andrew Harnett can now be published.

Al Azan Shah Muhammad, who was only previously identified as A.M. did not appeal his adult sentencing which was announced by Justice Anna Loparco in late September. Because he didn't appeal his adult sentence, the temporary publication ban on his name is no longer admissible. According to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, once an individual is sentenced as an adult, the offender's name can be published.

Justice Loparco previously imposed the name publication ban on September 27, when she handed Muhammad a 12-year sentence in the dragging and subsequent death of Sgt. Harnett on New Year's Eve of 2020. 

Amir Abdulrahman, the passenger in the car at the time pleaded guilty to manslaughter and in January 2022 received a five-year sentence.

Muhammad, who was just days shy of turning 18 when the crime occurred, was previously charged with first-degree murder but ultimately convicted of manslaughter. 

Harnett was from Strathmore. 

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