In 2014 the Town of Strathmore held an event called "Let's Make a Pitch" that featured Dragon's Den style pitch sessions.  Inspired by the quilts of Ontario and the Atlantic Coast  Sheila Konschuh submitted the idea for beautification, and won the $10,000 prize.   Konschuh talks about the process behind the quilts, "They brainstorm and work together as a group, and come up with the design that they think they would be great at accomplishing , and their favorite colours and then they go for it.  They are created on plywood and they just come to life.  They are incredible, we feel like we want to celebrate the quilts and we want to tell people about them.  It will encourage people to walk around the community and see them."

With so many great projects put forward at the pitch event, Konschuh was glad that they were chosen because it brought so many people together, "We are really delighted to take that money and use the money for an activity that brought a diverse group of people together.  We brought seniors together, people with disabilities, all kinds of people and community came together to work on these quilts.  Just another example of what can happen when you facilitate and activity with thought, and intention, and you make people welcome, so many good things can come from it."   

The quilts form a flowing mosaic across town that draws the eye and makes our town that much more inclusive and beautiful.