It's a first for the new arena at the Gleichen Ag grounds as they will be hosting their first Canadian Professional Rodeo (CPR) Saddle Bronc event 'Gunners Bronc Battle' on the evening of Wednesday, June 15th. 

Jeff Yule, GM with Northcott & Yule Rodeo said even with this rain they are ready to host this event and welcome the community.

"We've got great bucking horses and some of the top guys in the world coming, and wild pony racing, then we have a Calcutta." 

Yule explained that onsite there will be food trucks and beer gardens that will be indoors and outdoors for attendees, and wild pony races leading up to the Saddle Bronc event at 7 p.m. 

Recently, a new facility was built in Gleichen, and Yule is ready to swing open the gates to rodeo fans and athletes.

"We are hoping we get lots of people and some quality rides. Our committee are pretty hardcore horse riding people so we want to see some horses buck and some guys ride." 

Yule explains that the rain is something they are prepared for.

"We're not discouraged with the rain, we did quite a bit of work, we stripped our ground out and hauled a ton of sand in, and the sand just sheds the water and dries a lot faster than regular dirt." 

This is the biggest event for the group this summer. However, they are looking ahead to hosting some other events for kids throughout the summer. 

Tickets can be purchased at the gate. Additional details for the event can be found here.