From a distance, you can see a structure being erected on Canal Avenue in an industrial area in Strathmore.

That’s the site of a new shopping area being developed in the town of Strathmore. This exciting new retail space will be called Canal Cove.

Cathy Jones, Development Officer for the Town of Strathmore explained that 245 Canal Avenue has been approved for a Shopping Centre, which will have 11 commercial bay units.

“Units will be available for sale or lease to businesses looking for retail or food service space (and any other appropriate uses). One unit has already been spoken for,” she said.

The developers and builders of the site are C&S Contracting, who are local developers/builders in operation for 23 years. C & S have completed 40 some commercial units in the town.

The first phase of development for Canal Cove is anticipated to be completed by December of this year.

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