The lot of the old town office and an adjacent one are being considered for sale for $1.4 million. At one of the most recent meetings of the town council, it was revealed that the town hall property and another to the south of it, which houses the town’s public works equipment, got an offer to purchase by Siksika Off-Reserve Affordable Housing.

The properties were listed for sale in May 2021. According to the town, potential buyers toured the property since then, and an offer was made in early July. The offer includes two of the four subdivided lots, including the former Town Offices, mobile office trailers, and parking lot located along Westchester Road.

It was revealed in a social media post that the value of the two lots is approximately $1.56 million and the Offer to Purchase of $1.4 million. Council accepted the offer for $1.4 million for Lots 3 and 4 at 680 Westchester Road, but this offer is still open for negotiations and does not close until October 1.

According to the town, when the construction of a new administrative headquarters for the Town was proposed, the use of the Westchester property for seniors housing was suggested as a good fit. Following the Wheatland Housing Management Body’s site selection, a request for an alternate preferable building location was proposed to Council. Once the decision to locate a new seniors residence on Centre Street was approved the listing of the Westchester property moved forward.