SeedMaster has announced a new 10 year partnership with Olds College of Agriculture and Technology.

Tim Criddle, Global Sales Director at SeedMaster says this is an opportunity to support the industry that they are in.

He points out they've been very impressed with the type of research and field trials being done at Olds College and will be providing them with some cutting edge seeding solutions that will enhance their program.

"We'll provide them with the SeedMaster Toolbar and we've equipped that toolbar with our UltraPro II 550 on frame seed and fertilizer distribution system. This is a very compact, very efficient, highly precise technical piece of seeding equipment that's scaled to their operations."

The equipment is 40 feet wide  on 12 inch spacing and  features the UltraPro metering and distribution for the fertilizer and the seed.

Criddle says its a great partnership adding that if you're going to be conducting field trials, you need to be seeding as precisely as possible. 

"So we feel that we can bring that to their program. Now, beyond that, we will also leave the equipment there during the offseason and they can incorporate those pieces of equipment into their course material. They would like to invite SeedMaster in to talk about best practices when it comes to precise seed and fertilizer placement, and distribution. Our theory in terms of what makes for a really good seeding solution."

He points out by leaving the equipment there in the off season they can utilize that equipment from a training perspective, calibrations, programming, service, and maintenance. 

Criddle says the equipment will be in place for the spring of 2024 and will be changed out every two years for the length of the partnership.

To hear Glenda-Lee's discussion with Tim Criddle on SeedMaster's new partnership agreement with Old's College just click on the link below.