One mom has a great way to save a few extra dollars on your next back-to-school trip, but it may take some planning ahead. 

Jordana Jones has 4 kids all going back to school this year and it was getting more expensive each year they headed back.

"They all needed new indoor shoes if they had grown out of their other ones and then, of course, new shoes and clothes to replace what they had grown out of."  

She said her kids are great thrift store shoppers and usually find some fantastic deals which does make things a bit easier on the pocketbook. When it comes to back to school though Jones said it is hard to find hand-me-down notebooks and everything else they need, but it was her daughter who saw something online that she has since started doing and it has made a tremendous difference over the past few years. 

"My daughter saw a story about a frugal mom and it talked about going at the end of September when all the back-to-school supplies are extremely discounted and purchasing what you can like paper, pencils, crayons, notebooks and generic binders, along with whatever else you can store for a year and then just keep it in a tote at home.  That way if they run out during the year you are prepared, but also at the start of the following year most of the school supplies the kids need are right there and then you just restock when the prices drop again the following year." 

Jones has been doing this for the last three and figured out she has probably saved a few hundred dollars along the way and this year her kids asked if they could buy a little bit extra to put in the Tools for Schools bin next year to help other kids in the community.

"It's a win win, I am saving a few dollars and my kids are excited about donating and giving back to their community, I couldn't ask for much more." 

There is an option as well in schools called school start where parents can pay a fee and the school provides supplies to students directly which Jones said is a great option, but she does prefer to buy their supplies as her kids like to get certain brands of supplies and this year they are excited to spend some of their own money on 'a fancy binder' she chuckled. 

In the end, Jones said with a family of 6 and sometimes more when their friends stop by for supper it can get expensive and every little money saving tip can help along the way. 

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