International Women’s Day is coming up fast on March 8 and with that comes the conversation surrounding women’s health issues.  

Organon Canada, a global women’s health organization, will be shining a light and speaking out in service of making women’s health a priority.  

A survey conducted by the Alberta Woman’s Health Foundation (AWHF) says about two thirds of women struggle to talk with their healthcare providers about their health concerns. In fact, only about 24% of women find that their doctor is knowledgeable about their reproductive health.  

President and Chief Executive Officer at Alberta Women’s Health Foundation Sharlene Rutherford says they are excited to be partnering with Organon Canada this year to raise awareness for women's health issues.  

“The culture of silence around gender-specific health conditions have taken a direct toll on women. With Organon Canada’s support and leadership, we can truly make a meaningful difference in the name of women's health. “ 

Rutherford then goes on to say that additionally, with further research and awareness, they can collectively reduce the impact of these conditions on the health of women and encourage everyone to play a part in advancing equity, while engaging the support of family members, friends, and community health groups.  

President and Managing Director at Organon Canada Michael Casia explains at Organon, they believe in health for every woman and committed to demonstrate their investment to both their employees and partners while raising better awareness around gender equality through health.  

“This year’s International Women’s Day’s global campaign theme – Embrace Equity – is an opportunity for us at Organon Canada, our government and other organizations to act and adopt gender-specific initiatives to help women achieve equity in all spheres of their lives, including health.  

Casia says taking these concrete steps will enable us to create a more equitable and inclusive society and ultimately, actively support more positive outcomes for current and future generations of women and their health.  

The findings that AWHF found in the survey revealed to have crucial gaps that nearly impact all stages of women's health. For women with endomitosis, painful periods, pelvic floor issues, perimenopause and mesopause, between 50-90% of all respondents reported that they had significant impacts on their career and personal life because they didn’t feel comfortable saying all their symptoms to their health care provider.  

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