Our latest Birthday Club Winner is 11-year-old Oceanna Lysiak! 

Her mom Jessica said that had a very small celebration this year, "We just had her best friend over and she had a small birthday with her friend and her siblings." 

Oceanna is the lucky winner of a pool party at the Strathmore Travelodge. Her mom did say she has four siblings but that she just may use this pool party and take a few friends with her as well! 

Happy Birthday to all of our December Birthday Club members! 

If you would like to be a part of our Birthday Club and have your birthday message read out on air and be entered in for a chance to win a pool party - enter here at StrathmoreNow.com. 

Thanks to our Birthday Club sponsor the Reps of Remax Key, and our partner the Strathmore Travelodge.