On Canada Day the Strathmore Fire Department held their annual pancake breakfast.  

This year was a great success for the fire department as they had over 1050 hungry people descend on the hall for breakfast. The turnout helped the firefighters raise over $5000 for their department. 

Strathmore Fire Chief Trent West noted how the money has been used in the past, "The firefighters association generate funds for things in the department, they've replaced a boat and put a lighting mast on the rescue vehicle."

As with all budgets, there are limitations so additional items that are wanted the firefighters get together and with the help of the community are able to acquire, "The town budget has limitations so additional things that are wanted or needed by the members on the apparatus they purchase.  They've spent a lot of money here in this department adding stuff to the fire department." 

This fundraising effort will go a long way in assisting the fire department as for this year, the money raised has not been allocated to a specific item as of yet.