2022 was a busy year for construction in Strathmore, with several big projects seeing their completion this year. Among the biggest was the Westridge Road Revitalization, which was a 2 year project focused on making the road more business friendly and attracting people driving by Strathmore on the highway. On top of that, it also saw underground utility upgrades and increased road width for easier driving for large trucks.

While Westridge Road was the biggest project that saw completion, the Town's Infrastructure Department said many other projects were also done, including:

  • Highway 1 storm sewer upgrade – to mitigate flooding at the intersection of Hwy 817 and Hwy 1, culverts were directionally drilled under the highway
  • Willow Drive Utility Main Replacement – replacement of aging water and sewer lines where interruptions to service were common
  • Westmount Main Upsizing – upgrade of water main as part of the program to provide more efficient water services to Downtown Strathmore
  • Central Trunk Sewer Upgrade, phase 1 – working with the StrathPoint developer, the Town was able to fast-track phase 1 of the multi-year project so as to not interrupt new development
  • Roof replacement at the Family Centre – replacement of aging infrastructure

It was a good construction year, as the Infrastructure Department also said the only project that was cancelled was a minor upgrade to the Waste Water Treatment Plant. 

"Upon final inspection, the lifespan of the equipment is much longer than initially thought," the Town said in a written response.

As for what's coming up for 2023, the Town's recent budget approval shows a small capital budget, so we shouldn't expect any large projects like the Westridge Road one. However, the projects we will see are all necessary maintenance and upgrades to facilities to keep them running. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Roof replacement at the Aquatic Centre
  • Replace aging Public Works equipment
  • Lakeside Blvd and Archie Klaiber Trail intersection upgrade
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant upgrades
  • Ongoing road upgrades and repairs

The capital budget sits right under $3 million. The Town added no projects were cancelled for next year, although some were postponed with requests for further information and consideration.

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