Backyard swimming pools can be a great way to have some fun in the sun while also staying cool. But did you know that you may need a permit if you have one?

It's national drowning prevention week, and pool permits can play a role in helping prevent drownings. According to the Alberta Safety Codes Council, any pool that's depth is 600 ml or greater requires a permit. Town of Strathmore's Manager of Development Services Chuck Procter says this is to keep everybody safe.

"Building codes are important no matter what kind of project you're doing. It's protecting not only yourself, but your community and your neighborhood as well by getting a permit and following these protocols," he said.

While the Town of Strathmore isn't the one that created these permits, you would still go to them to get them. The Alberta Government created these permits, and Albertans have been required to get a permit for many years. Procter says a big focus of the province is making sure kids can't use your pool without you knowing.

"One of the things the province is trying to protect in this case is your neighborhood and neighborhood children who might hop the fence and use your pool without your knowledge."

To prevent this, there are several building codes in place, like requiring that your fence is 1.8 meters or taller, as well as having a gate that can be locked. The use of a specific protective cover can also help your pool, hot tub, or spa meet building code.

The town added that these permits are important as a preventative measure. While Strathmore has luckily avoided any recent drowning incidents, it's important to have safety measures in place to make sure it never happens. There will always be risks in any situation, but permits like these can be a step in the right direction for community safety.

You can find the town's pool permit form here, which contains the requirements as well as the application process.

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