This week, the idea of a powwow to honour Kristian Ayoungman that will draw in visitors from across North America was proposed to be held in Strathmore.

Melodie Ayoungman and her husband Steve Hunt presented to town council at the regular meeting of the Town of Strathmore council on July 6.

She explained that next year will be the fourth anniversary of the memorial for Kristian Ayoungman.

“In 2019 the town of Strathmore Town Council and a mayor at the time and also Siksika Nation chief and council, had asked me what things I would like to see and at the time I just knew that our communities needed to work together, and to make better relations amongst one another,” she said.

“I'm very glad to see how the town of Strathmore and Siksika are working together in creating better relationships and taking active reconciliation,” said Ayoungman.

“We were thinking is what a great opportunity to take active reconciliation and having a powwow here in Strathmore. And that could involve all your organizations. your businesses, volunteers and also the Siksika chief and council may want to be involved as well.”

She presented the town with a sample breakdown of a powwow to follow along with a budget and guidelines.

Ayoungman said, “It also could be used for organizations that want to donate, and they could also use that as a tax write-off to their business because they're donating to this, similar to rodeos how they donate towards a category.”

Powwow are a huge event she said. “They're known as social gatherings to celebrate life in First Nations communities all throughout North America in Canada and the United States and so this would draw people from all over North America.”

”This would also bring a lot of business into your community, but also many nationalities coming together. What a great opportunity for the town of Strathmore to learn about all different First Nations cultures in Strathmore,” she said.

Now the town’s administration will work with Melodie Ayoungman and return a report on the proposed powwow, for the council to review.

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