The snow and the cold have officially started here in Strathmore, and homeowners are urged to do what they can to prevent frozen pipes. 

A common occurrence is water freezing in the pipes, thawing when it warms up, and eventually splitting the pipe.

Property Claims Manager for AMA Insurance, Dennise Roach explained that if a burst pipe isn’t addressed quickly, it can lead to water damage, black mold, and even personal injury.

A burst pipe can run between $5,000 to $75,000 in damage. 

"If a pipe bursts in your home, you are looking at damage to your walls, carpet, and potentially your whole basement."

Roach said that she recommends doing a few small things to prepare:

  • Turn off the valve to outdoor water faucets. This is usually located in the basement.
  • Disconnect and drain your hoses.
  • Drain the outdoor faucet so there's no water left in the pipe.

Frozen pipes can start anywhere, but outdoor faucets will usually feel the cold first. 

"If you are gone for more than four days in the winter months, it is best to make sure you turn off your main water valve and drain your pipes and make sure that you don't forget your toilet."

If you go on vacation during the months that your furnace is on, be sure to keep the temperature in your home above 15°C. Then, turn off your main water valve, and have someone check on your home every day while you’re away.

Another reminder from Roach is to look at your insurance policy as coverages can vary.

"You would want to make sure that everything is checked and that you are covered in case of an emergency."

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