Community Futures Wild Rose handed out a few cheques to entrepreneurial students this afternoon. 

The money is given to kids under 18 to support any startup businesses or idea.

Trisha Breault, community economic development coordinator for Community Futures Wild Rose explains what the business is all about.

"We are a nonprofit and we provide small business support and potential funding for small business, we also are character lenders and provide coaching."

The YETI program offers people programs on entrepreneurship.  

"We run it for kids that are in grades ten to twelve and it basically gives them a leg up in either starting their own business or expanding their existing business and helping them grow and helping them learn those kind of basic business skills," said Breault.

The initiative gives out $500 to start and participants can receive an additional $500. 

The program got started years ago in other parts of the country but came to Strathmore last year.

Breault says she loves giving out the money and helping young business leaders.

"It's amazing to watch them grow and expand and see the things that they learn. When those things click it's wonderful."

The program runs through the summertime with help from Community Futures in an eight-week span.

Students can also earn three high school credits from this program.