Provincial Martial Arts Strathmore will be hosting its first-ever tournament in town this weekend.

Athletes from Strathmore, across Alberta and some from B.C. will be competing.

Head instructor at Provincial Martial Arts Strathmore, Meghan Pollock, said they are really excited to be hosting the tournament.

"We, pre-COVID, we used to host them twice a year in Calgary. I'm excited, actually that we've got snow early in the week, so hopefully travel will be good for everybody."

There are 18 competitors from the Strathmore club that will be testing their skills -- the competitors range from ages five to 40. 

"We are affiliated with IMAC (International Martial Arts Council), so qualifying at this event and some of the other events that they host will allow competitors to compete as part of Team Canada in Las Vegas."

Locals are welcome to come and watch the tournament. The cost to watch is either a $5 entry fee or a donation to the Wheatland County Food Bank. 

The tournament will be held at Trinity Christian School on Saturday (Oct 28) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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