The third annual Pure Country Meats and Zegil Automotive Car Show is back. 

Harold Zegil, owner of Zegil Automotive, explains that he expects to see a variety of hot rods on the lot. 

"Anything from corvettes, camaros, chevy trucks, GMC trucks, fords, a lot of old, old vehicles." 

Zegil says there will be vehicles for every category, even kids.

"We got an award for it and everything. So, if they have an electric car or even a little pedal bike or anything, bring it; they'll get an award for it."

Owner of Pure Country Meats, Shawn Tourout, said there are also a lot of raffle prizes this year.

"We also have piles of giveaways, from gift cards to meat products. You pretty much name it. I think we covered it this year." 

All the proceeds from this year's car show will go to a free breakfast program for students in Strathmore called School Fuel. 

"My daughter had the idea, and Shawn's daughter used to work in the program as well. Kids need this program to feed their little brains when they're in school," said Zegil. 

Tourout told us that quite a few vendors will be present, and people can still sign up. 

"We have lots of room for them if they want a spot. We do have a lot of different people coming this year. We have a brand-new coffee truck coming to visit us, we have other food places coming, Pure Country Meats of course," said Tourout. 

According to Tourout, Pure Country Meats will have beef on a bun and the big footlong smokies. 

"We will have a good variety for everyone."

Zegil expressed that he and Tourout have been in the community for quite some time and enjoy bringing people together.

"Just come out, have some fun, and you know everything we purchase, like everything that is bought there that day, registration, all the food, all the money from all that goes straight to the School Fuel program."

The Pure Country Meats and Zegil Automotive Car Show will be hosted on July 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Strathmore Ag Grounds. 

car showShawn Tourout and Harold Zegil visited the 104.5 More Country studio to chat with us about the car show.

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