Strathmore-Langdon RCMP Detachment Commander Staff Sgt Mark Wielgosz and representatives from Rockyview County will be hosting a community town hall meeting on March 9 at the Sarah Thompson School.  

Wielgosz explains the purpose of this town hall is to ensure the RCMP is engaging with their residents, hear feedback on how they are doing, what the public's concerns are in their respective communities, and what they think the RCMP should be putting their particular focus on. 

“We really want to give the public a chance to have some input on what their police service is doing for them in their communities.” 

Wielgosz believes it is very important for the detachment to be visible and hold these community event because it gives them a lot of time to give themselves feedback about things they are doing that affects public safety challenges and issues that are seen within their respective areas.  

“This is just a great way to open up some dialogue, where perhaps maybe community members may not be completely aware of what the police are doing in their communities.” 

He added this is just another way the RCMP can continue to address something they may have not already addressed in the past. Wielgosz also explains it is something that they could provide better education on with the residents they are serving. He encourages people in the area to come and attend these town hall meetings.  

“I'll be looking to try and enhance what that looks like with the availability of residents to go to our respective municipal websites, for example, the Town of Strathmore, Wheatland County, and perhaps Rockyview County to click on a link on the policing web pages and have a look at our quarterly reports.” 

While this one is primarily geared for the residents of Rockyview County, there will be an announcement for another town hall meeting closer to the end of the month. 

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