On Wednesday afternoon Prospect Human Services and The Town of Strathmore partnered to host an in-person job fair at the Travelodge. 

Kristen Shima with the town's Economic Development team explained that in 2021 two job fair drive-thru type events with Borea Construction were held.  This time the event was much bigger. 

"This was the first one with multiple employers in-person, so it was very successful as an event connecting with really high-skilled candidates as well, so a lot of the employers were happy with the event."

With over 280 people at yesterday's job fair, this was also one of the highest attendance records that the town has seen, which Shima also attributes to the multiple employers on hand and the hard work that the team with Prospect Human Services put in to make this event a possibility for the community. 

The event was outstanding explained local Career Advisor Kelly Yorston. “We had almost 300 job seekers looking to find employment. It was an unreal event,” she said.  

“In the past, we'd been working just as a not-for-profit ourselves holding these job fairs at the Public Library, but unfortunately, just due to COVID we needed more room. But then also the number of employers looking for staff was well beyond the capacity of that space," she said. 

Yorston said of the partnership with the town, “They're just so supportive and fantastic. They were able to get us access to the Travelodge which expanded the number of employers that we could have, and give tables to in order to promote their jobs that they were looking to fill..” 

Shima explains that if someone was unable to attend there is still a way to find out who was there and connect with potential employers. 

"We posted a list of employers that were attending the event, we have that posted and available through our social media, and Prospect Human Services would have that information directly as well to reach out."

With 26 booths for the over 280 attendees to visit it was a busy three hours, the opportunity to partner with Prospect Human Services for future events of this nature is something that Shima notes the town is looking forward to.