During this time renters are looking for security and the Alberta government has joined other provinces to protect renters.

In his announcement on Friday, March 28 Premier Jason Kenney address this concern during COVID 19 update.

"No one will be evicted April 1 for non-payment of rent. Civil enforcement's of evictions currently underway for tenant for non-payment of rent will be suspended until April 30," the Premier says. "That includes folks who had not been able to pay their rent for the last few months."

Alberta is currently in state of Public Health Emergency, during this time landlords must attempt to work with tenants if a payment plan is needed for tenants who are not currently able to pay full rent when it is due.

"Late fees cannot be charged from April 1 to June 30 as we encourage tenants to work with their landlords we do not want them to be penalized for good faith efforts to make meaningful partial payments," said Service Alberta Minister Nate Glubish says. "We are confident that these measures, as well as other measures that we have announced and in addition to supports from the Federal government, will help Albertans to meet rent obligations while providing them the security and stability that they need."

Kenney states that this should not be an opportunity for tenants to take advantage of the current situation and an eviction can still take place if there has been damage to the home,  The Premier continues saying that support provided by the Provincial and Federal government should be taken into account when these arrangements are made.renters and the landlords must take into account the support they're getting from the Federal and Provincial governments.

Although the announcement was made for landlords to work with tenants to make the necessary payment arrangements a landlord can still file applications and receive orders for possession if the reason for the eviction is unrelated to payment but is related to safety concerns, or if the tenant is engaging in criminal activity.