A Rockyford family is trying to bring more light into the world than darkness.  

Tyler Henke and his family experienced some bad luck earlier this month and are trying to show their children the power of community.  

“Last Thursday, while getting ready for school my wife went out started the car, came in to get the kids ready to go and somebody stole our car right out of our driveway at 8 in the morning.” 

“My kids, they're six and eight years old, they are having a hard time figuring out why somebody would do that. My wife, Jodi, and I talked about it and we thought it would be a good idea to try and do something showing that there are more good people than bad.” 

Immediately, the food bank came to mind for the family, and so they contacted them and asked what they needed most. Baby wipes and diapers were what they were told and the Henke family sprang into action to raise money. 

“So, I made up a Facebook post and put it out there. Once we have enough money, I'll take my kids to spend all that money on wipes and diapers, and then they can donate it to the Food Bank. I want them to see what a little bit of good can do.” 

The family started the fundraiser on December 16, and they have already raised over $750 for baby wipes and diapers for the food bank. 

“People have also dropped off boxes of diapers, packages of wipes. We're just blown away by the support. We are getting people from Rockyford, Standard, Strathmore even farther away by Carbon. Everyone has been pulling together and helping. It is really the Christmas spirit I’ve seen and that’s always nice.”  

The family is accepting donations until December 31.   Money donations can be sent to hikschicks@gmail.com, and physical donations can be dropped off at the food bank directly or can be arranged for pick up through the email listed above.