The Rockyford Rodeo has been a staple of the community and has drawn big crowds to the small village since it started 63 years ago. 

With the Rockyford Bull-o-Rama in the rearview, Mayor Darcy Burke is looking forward to bringing the crowds back to the arena.

“This will be our first Canadian Finals Rodeo. We've always had amateur rodeos in Rockyford, the Lions Club decided this year to try a professional rodeo and so we're very excited to see what changes will be made there and to make sure that it's crowd-pleasing for the fans that come to watch. Rodeo promotes our community on a far greater scale than we ever could as a municipality. It brings in many, many people over the weekend and showcases our community and provides people with a feeling after spending the  weekend here on what Rockyford is all about and being part of a small community.”

Burke also touched on what attendees can expect when they arrive on July 23rd.

“Saturday we start with a free pancake breakfast at 7:00 AM on the main street of Rockyford, followed by the parade at 10. The rodeo starts at 12:30. We have a barbecue beef supper at 5:00 pm and then our cabaret at 9:00 pm. Sunday is matched to what Saturday was with a library fundraiser breakfast on the grounds, and then slack starts at 9:00 AM with the rodeo at 12:30 and one of the things that are new this year, on Saturday night we will have motocross entertaining the folks in front of the grandstands.”

If you are interested in joining in the festivities admission is $30 for adults, $25 for 7-17-year-olds and anyone 6 years and under gets in free. The rodeo is also offering a $200 family pass for the entire weekend.

If you are more interested in participating rather than attending Burke wants to remind interested individuals that spots are going fast.

“Registration was open for wild pony races and sheep riding, and I think as of right now the sheep riding is full. I do believe there are a couple of spots left open for the Wild Pony races and it doesn't take very long and those two events fill up with local people. The process to register is a call or text to Taneil Calvin at 403-324-4406.”

As of writing this article, there are 2 spots left for Saturday Wild Pony Racing and 3 Spots left for Sunday Wild Pony Racing.

After a rough two years and a lot of preparation, it's good to see a staple of Wheatland County return to the entertainment roster during Stampede week. Hopefully as Mayor Burke said this event will bring a spotlight to the village of Rockyford and leave visitors with a better understanding of the town and its local culture.

poster for the Rockyford Rodeo