This upcoming fall will mark the 70th anniversary of the opening of the original Samuel Crowther School! To celebrate, Rhonda Christie Stockwell began a planning committee to honor the school's 70th birthday.

Stockwell said the homecoming celebration, which was originally planned for June, 2022 unfortunately has been rescheduled to June 10, 2023 due to covid, but she's still excited to see everyone.

"We are going to have a homecoming for anyone that ever attended Samuel Crowther School, whether they were here in grade 3 and moved away, they are welcome to attend," she said.

While Strathmore is home to many schools now, Stockwell explained that Samuel Crowther School used to be the only school in Strathmore that was more than just a one room building.

"Back in the day it was the one and only school in Strathmore. So a lot of us went through grade 1-12, and then Westmount opened and all the other ones opened after that. There was a one room school, the very first school. So we have people that remember having to pick up their desk and walk it over to the new school, so it was pretty exciting for all of those students."

These days, Holy Cross Collegiate and Sacred Heart Academy are where Samuel Crowther School used to be. While the name is different, the original Samuel Crowther building is still there. It has since been renovated and expanded upon, but you can still walk down the original hallways.

"We can go and walk through the halls of the schools and reminisce, there's been a lot of renovations since, but we're pretty excited to be able to still walk some of the halls."

If you're interested in joining the homecoming celebration, or would like to be part of the planning committee, you can join their Facebook group, or contact Stockwell directly at 

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